About us

Dutchdelicacies.com was born out of constant craving for Dutch stuff juring the founders younger years spent abroad. His father worked for a big multinational and the family spent over 11 years abroad. During these years every year they would go back to Holland and on return bring back the highly prised typically Dutch food items like cheese, liqourice, and chocolate sprinkles.  These would constantly be rationed as to make them last as long as possible.  Dutchdelicacies.com hopes to eliviate such rationing at least a little for the current generations abroad.

Dutchdelicacies.com is based in the Dutch political capital, The Hague. Our mission is to make our customers happy by our focus on customer service and delivering  the best Dutch products we can find.

Our goal is to become a Dutch Harrods, a place with the very best products where no customer request is not welcome.  If there is something typically Dutch you really want to have and it’s not in our shop yet, please get in touch, we might be able to help.

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