Registration & login

Registration, how does that work?

At the top of this page you can find the item ‘Customer login’. Registration as a customer is best doen when ordering. At the end of the page, after filling in all the needed info you will be asked if you want to register. Please do so because it will save you effort the next time you want to order. You will receive an e-mail with all the needed information with which you can logon to Dutchdelicacies.com.

Can I change my e-mail address?

Yes you can do this yourself. When you logon you will find an option to see/edit your own profile, here you can change it.

Can I change stuff in my customer profile like my address or password?

Yes you can do this yourself. When you logon you will find a option to see/edit own profile, here you can change it.

I forgot my password, how can a get a new one?

On the login page at Dutchdelicacies.com you wil find next to where you normally logon an option “forgotten password”. If you click on it and give us your e-mail address we will send you a new password. If this doesn’t work please contact us via our contact form at the bottom of every page or try our helpdesk.

During the registration a got the message that my profile already exists, what now?

A part of your registration or your email address has already been used in a previous profile. This probably means you have been here before and you can use that profile. If this is not the case please contact us via our helpdesk by contacting us under Contact(top right corner of the page).

Something went wrong when asking for a new password, what now?

You have used Dutch Delicacies before but just can’t seem to remember your password? You can change your password on the login page. If this doesn’t work please use our helpdesk by filling in a contact form. Please include as much information as you remember. This will help us in our search to help you out.



Ordering, how does that work at Dutchdelicacies.com?

The simplest way is to register and create an account for yourself. Make your own account by using the customer login. As soon as you’ve done that you will get a confirmation e-mail with all your details. Please check these as they will be used to get all purchased items to you. After doing all your shopping please go to the top right corner of the page. Please click on the shoppingcart. In the shoppingcart total weight of all ordered items is logged. Each cart may never weigh more than 20 kilo’s. After ordering everything please check the content of your cart. After the check you may choose a way to pay. After payment your order will be processed and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

Registration of a customer account, is that mandatory when ordering?

To order you do not need an account but we do need all the information asked when registering, So this needs to be supplied anyway. Then why not register? Our advice would be to register because this will save you time when placing a second, third, or fourth order which you undoubtedly will be doing!

Can I pay without creditcard?

Sure you can! You can pay via i-Deal an platform supported by all Dutch banks like Rabobank, ING and ABN AMRO. If you are not a customer of one of these banks you can also transfer the total required amount to our Dutchdelicacies.com bankaccount. When the money has been received the order will be processed. Please take into consideration that an international money transfer can take up to 10 days to arrive. Third option, you could use Paypal!

How do I cancel my order?

The cancellation of an order is only possible free of charge if the order has not been taken into production yet. Please make use of de contact form supplied on this website. Be sure we will do everything within our power to help you out. If the order is been processed but is still within our reach we will cancel it against 10% admin fee. If the order has already been sent to you we cannot cancel it anymore. You can always return the package but unfortunately all cost incurred for return shipment cannot be refunded by Dutchdelicacies.com.

Can I see my earlier orders & content anywhere?

Unfortunately Dutchdelicacies.com does not keep any record of prior orders.

How do I know that my order was received by Dutchdelicacies.com in good order?

When you order at Dutch Delicacies we make sure you get a confirmation e-mail with all relevant information in the e-mail.

Any customerservice?

Our customerservice can be contacted via service@dutchdelicacies.com. We will reply as soon as possible. Unfortunately calling is not an option.

How long can the Dutchdelicacies.com produce be kept?

We garantee that all sent items at the moment of sending are not passt overdue date and can be kept up to 20 days or longer.

How do I know how heavy my order will be?

Every item at Dutch Delicacies has a certain weight. In the shoppingcart all weights put into it are added. Total weight of your basket is shown in the checkout area.

Why can’t I fill my cart to the maximum weight of 20kg?

This is due to the fact that we at Dutchdelicacies.com also have to take into account the weight needed to wrap and package all selected items. The total weight the shipping company will take is 20kg, so that’s why.



Are the prices including tax?

Alle featured prices at Dutch Delicacies are excluding taxes. If you are a entrepreneur you can ask for a receipt excluding taxes via the helpdesk. If you order outside the EU, no tax is charged.

How can I pay?

Creditcard (Visa en MasterCard) is a very good option via Paypal. You can also make use of I-deal. As explained above I-deal is a online system used by almost all Dutch Banks. A third possibility is to tranfer money direclty to our bank account. Which ever way you choose,  when the money has been received the order will be processed. Please take into consideration that an international money transfer can take up to 10 days to arrive.

I have received a discount coupon, how do I use it?

After making your selection of products please procede to the checkout. If you are not already logged in please do so.(not mandatory) When asked in which manner you would like to pay, in the top left corner there you can check & leave your code. In the proceeding page the discount will be processed and subtracted from your payable amount.

Invalid couponcode?

If you are of the opinion that your discount couponcode should work, and it doesn’t, please get into contact with us via the helpdesk at service@dutchdelicacies.com or our contactform. Please also mention the code when doing so.


Returning Stuff

Can I return or swap any item I have purchased at Dutchdelicacies.com?

If you are unsatisfied with any purchase you may have doen at Dutch Delicacies you always have the right to return them within 10 days of receiving your order. This is only the case if the items stays unopenend. Any opened items order at Dutch Delicacies we cannot take back or refund.

A bought item is defect, what now?

When any item you may have ordered at Dutch Delicacies is defect upon arrival please bes o kind as to report this to our helpdesk, including a picture of the item. When applicable Dutch Delicacies will refund this item.

There seems to be an item missing from my order, what now?

First of all, if there is an ordered item missing we are very very sorry. Please be so kind as to report this to our helpdesk including the ordernumber or code. We will refund the missing item of course.

Transportcosts of items you want to return?

All transport costs for items you want to return are to be paid by the customer. Dutchdelicacies.com cannot take any responsibility for a return trip.

How do I get my money back when I send stuff back?

Dutchdelicacies.com will refund within 30 days of receiving any return package. Dutchdelicacies.com will only refund the items returned in good order to Dutchdelicacies.com. All payments will solely be done to the bankaccount from which payment was initially made to Dutchdelicacies.com



When will the order be sent?

Your order will be sent within max 4 days of Dutch Delicacies receiving your payment. This is due to Dutchdelicacies.com having a minimal stock to make sure every product we sent has minimal shelf time. Total amount of days needed to get to delivery address depends on where in the world it needs to go.


Is my order insurred?

We at Dutchdelicacies.com make sure all packages are insured.

How does TRACK&TRACE work?

All Dutch Delicacies packages are sent with the help of our partner Post.nl. As soon as Post.nl has received your package you will be sent an email with barcode and all needed links to the Post.nl site. If you get a notice stating your barcode cannot be found, don’t worry this sometimes happens. Mostly likely is that your order is still en route to you. Please note It may take track&trace 24 hours to get up and running. No worries if you can’t find you package rigth away.

How much are the shipping charges?

The shipping charge depend on two things, the weight you put in your shoppingcart and where it needs to go. You will find a brief summary of all weights, destinations, and corresponding charges under Shipping Information.

Customs and taxes, how do they work?

From within the EU there is no such thing as customs and you can order anything on the Dutch Delicacies website. Outside of the EU certain items cannot be imported or duties need to be paid. (for example no meatproducts may go to the UK or items containing alcohol may enter the USA) Before ordering anything on Dutchdelicacies.com we advise you to get into contact with your local customsoffice. They can advice you..

How do I know if certain items may enter the country of destination?

We try to inform you as much as we can but every country is different and rules are continuesly changing. The best thing to do is inform yourself of all local rules concerning import by contacting your local customsofficer.

Can I have something delivered to an address I don’t live?

Sure you can, please make sure to state specifically that the order needs to go to a differnet address than your own.

It seems like months ago I ordered and my package still hasn’t arrived, what now?

All packages are sent with the help of our friends at Post.nl. Every delivery time mentioned on this site is an indication, no garantee. Please take into account that sometimes delays are inevitable. This is beyond our control unfortunately. Please have patience up to 3 weeks after indicated time. After this time and the parcel has not arrived yet, please get into contact with our helpdesk. Please do not forget to mention your order referencenumber.  We can then have Post.nl try and find out what happened. If they reach the conclusion that your order got lost, then we can fully reemburst you for all the ordered items. If by chance your package is not allowed through by customs please note that no compensation by Dutchdelicacies.com will be paid.

What happens if my order does not pass customs?

Dutch Delicacies tries to inform our clients as much as we can on the rules and regulations concerning the import of our products. Unfortunately all customers are fully responsible for the import of their own order to the country of destination. Dutchdelicacies.com cannot be held accountable in any way,shape, or form when entry is denied or goods are confiscated by customs.The client is responsible.



I have a tip:

We would really like to hear what you think of our site or if you have a tip we might use. Please be so kind as to use the contact form or the idea dropbox on this page.(down right corner)

I have a complaint:

We find this very sad to hear because we haven’t lived up to your expectations. Nevertheless we would like to take this opportunity to learn about something we might be able to improve on. Please be so kind as to send all complaints to service@dutchdelicacies.com. Thank you in advance.

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